Ultimate Oxygen Course

Lesson Topics

  • Getting Started (5 Topics)
  • Oxygen Overview (4 Topics)
  • Designing Page Content (9 Topics)
  • Styling Techniques (6 Topics)
  • Feature and Elements (14 Parts)
  • Building an Actual Website (10 Topics)
  • Gutenberg (2 Topics)
  • Advanced Custom Fields (4 Topics, More Coming!)
Currently, the course contains 53 individual videos totaling roughly 295 minutes of content. New content added to this course is included in your purchase at no additional cost. The Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Oxygen course that is currently included adds another 11 videos with more to be added frequently. 
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Just Added: Advanced Custom Field Pro and Oxygen

This is an additional, separate course from the Ultimate Oxygen Course also included in your lifetime purchase (for a limited time). In the ACF Pro and Oxygen course, you will learn how to harness the incredible power of ACF to build layouts and dynamic content on your site you wouldn't otherwise have been able to. 

Once you see the power of ACF Pro and Oxygen, you'll not only be amazed but also wonder how you ever lived without it. 
This content is included in your purchase of the Ultimate Oxygen Course. It's highly recommended you complete the UOC first and then proceed to the ACF Pro & Oxygen course. 

In This Course

In this course, you'll learn everything from the very basics of Oxygen all the way up to how to build an entire site from start to finish. 

Whether you've never used WordPress before or are looking to convert your existing site to Oxygen, this course will cover everything from install and setup of WordPress and Oxygen to building an entire site, and we'll also cover advanced functionality like how to take advantage of the amazing integrations available with Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types.

Total Freedom

The contents of this course build on top of one another. It follows a progression where each step of the course builds on the previous steps. With that, you still have total freedom to move around the course as you please.

Every step of the course includes a video, so you can easily watch and follow along with the topic.
All the content is broken out into sections with sub-topics to help you easily find what you're looking for.

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Lifetime Deal

As a limited time bonus, purchasing this course grants you lifetime access to all future updates to this course. As new features are added to Oxygen or new important details need to be covered, I will add them to this course and send you an update to check it out at no additional cost.

In addition, purchasing this Lifetime Deal will grant you free, lifetime access to all other courses I create and publish here on permaslug.com, even if I decide to increase prices or move to a subscription payment model. You're guaranteed free access to any future content for a limited time.

For Lifetime Deal members, I'll also be hosting exclusive live Q&A sessions for members only, and you'll also receive exclusive access to request content, tutorials and courses that will only be available to Lifetime members once published.

You'll also receive an invite to join the private Facebook group I've created called "Permaslug WordPress Professionals" where you can ask questions, learn more about all things WordPress, share ideas and knowledge, connect with peers, and more.
Course & Lifetime Deal - $99

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