Product Reviews

InnoGear Boom Mic Stand for Blue Snowball Review

Hey everyone, my name is Jonathan with Permaslug and welcome to another product review episode. Today what I'm going to cover is the boom arm that I wanted for my Blue Snowball microphone. I really liked this mic, so I didn't feel the need to purchase a new mic and a new boom and I […]

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Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount Stand Review

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Permaslug. My name is Jonathan and this is a continuation of my product review series. Before this I set up the new ultrawide gaming desk that I bought and then after this I also have the boom-mic install that I cover as well. What I wanted to do today is […]

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Vitesse 55 Inch Gaming Desk Review - Ultra Wide Desk

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Permaslug. My name is Jonathan and today I'm bringing you something a little bit different, which is a product review for a new desk that I got. It’s the Vitesse 55 Inch Gaming Desk. Many of you are probably familiar with my channel, which is all WordPress tutorials and content […]

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Budget Friendly Editing & Gaming PC Build

I finally decided to upgrade my computer. I spent weeks researching to find the best balance of cost vs performance and I think I found it!

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