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Generate Made Easy

I created this course because I am confident the future of WordPress is in Gutenberg, but it’s not quite ready on it’s own. GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks offer an incredible boost to your Gutenberg based websites that enables you to build almost anything with little to no coding required.

If you’re ready to learn how to build faster, leaner, and more capable websites then you’ve come to the right place.

What’s in the course?

You’ll be taken on a start to finish journey of mastering the Generate family of products.

We will cover everything from basic interface terms and functionality all the way up to creating an entirely real website.

Start to Finish Lessons

Straight to the point video tutorials that are designed to help you go from never having seen a given feature to full confidence in your ability to use it.

The In’s and Outs

We will cover some of the most exciting and powerful features like global styles and Elements, along with fundamentals like Containers and Grids.

Layout Techniques

We’ll delve into layouts that are a bit more complex that require a little bit of custom CSS. Don’t worry if you’ve never written any custom code!

Enhance Your Toolkit

You’ll be given some of my favorite code snippets, demo layouts, and tricks that are essential to any site build, whether it’s for yourself or a client.

this course is for you if you’re ready to

Master The Generate Suite

If you want to go from total beginner to fully adept in GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks, this course is for you. You’ll learn everything from the basic foundations to using the most powerful features like Elements, Hooks, and Global Styles.

Total Newb

Never even installed it? No problem! We’ll start from the absolute basics and work our way up.

Superstar Stuff

We’ll cover the most exciting features that will allow you complete control over your website with no code required.

Full Site Build

Watch over my shoulder or follow along as we build an entire site from start to finish inside the course.

what you’ll learn

Major Components of the Course


Learn the basics of GP + GB starting from installation and initial setup, which are a crucial phase of your process. We’ll also cover getting comfortable with the interface, important terminology, and more.

Styling & Design

We’ll build out a variety of example layouts to help you wrap your head around using GP + GB in the real world. We’ll combine this with features from earlier sections of the course like Elements, Hooks, & Global Styles.

Full Website Build

Included in the course is not only fundamentals, but an entire start to finish website build series. In this portion of the course, you’ll follow along as we build out an entire, fully functional site.

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Jonathan jernigan

About The Instructor

I am the owner and Founder at APEX Web Solutions and Permaslug, where I’ve been building websites professionally since 2014. Under the Permaslug brand, I’ve became known for releasing high-quality, easy to follow tutorials with pertinent information. My Oxygen Builder course was the first available, longest running, and most successful with numerous 5-star reviews.

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