From Freelancer to Agency - Growing Beyond Yourself

Join Shantelle Dedicke and myself as we cover the topic of how to grow from just a freelancer into a proper agency and really own your success.

Frances Roy Agency:
Hello Frances Podcast:

Shantelle Dedicke founded Frances Roy Agency in 2016 after a successful career in hospitality management and destination marketing. She is known for uncovering the authenticity of a brand while utilizing points of differentiation to gain a competitive advantage. Shantelle graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Tourism. Her work and experience show a wide range of business solutions and marketing knowledge spanning multiple industries. Shantelle is guided by the principles instilled in her by grandparents, Roy and Frances Warner, and she prioritizes "Family First" both at home and in the work culture found at the Frances Roy Agency.

Shantelle offers brand strategy consultation to start-ups, destination marketing organizations, agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses

Learn more about my Oxygen Builder course here:

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