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      I know the debate on best WordPress hosting is an endless one and you get 10 different answers if you ask 10 different people, but I'd love to know who you host with, are you happy, what's it cost, why are you with them, etc?

      I'll kick it off. I host on Cloudways and have had both Google Cloud and Vultr servers and have been super happy with both. I ended up closing my GCE servers and sticking with Vultr because I wasn't thrilled with the idea of paying bandwidth to host client sites who are on a flat fee maintenance program.

      From the performance perspective, GCE on Cloudways was fantastic. Super fast and reliable, but Vultr is like 90% as good so the cost difference wasn't really justified in my mind.

      I host around 70 sites across 4 servers on Cloudways and my bill is about $130/m and I couldn't be happier.

      Automatic nightly offsite backups, free LetsEncypt SSL, great caching and speed related settings enabled by default, latest PHP and MySQL, cross server cloning, staging sites, and more.

      This isn't an ad for Cloudways, just wanting to share my experience and hear your thoughts.

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      Brendan Knights

      Hey Jonathon - just joined today and found this topic.

      Have a look at Gridpane if you have that many sites and servers.

      I managed to join them early on and locked in great pricing but their standard Pro plans are a great alternative to Cloudways.

      I was with Cloudways for a few years but shifted away after some ongoing bugs and refusals to activate certain PHP features. I moved to Gridpane and couldn't be happier.

      You pay your fees for access to their management platform - you bring your own servers that link to your IaaS accounts through an API and they allow full admin access to your servers.

      Awesome support from a great team as well. This isn't an ad for them, but I'm stoked with the service and affiliate links are always available 😉

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      I'm with Cloudways - I have found the support staff to be nothing short of amazing!! I am very new to this and they guide me through every step so would really recommend them for any newbies 🙂

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        Glad you're a fan as well! I've converted a few of my agency friends over and at first they're apprehensive and then come to love is simplicity and reliability.

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