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Home Forums Oxygen FAQ should I buy a design kit for Oxygen like oxyninja?


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      David M

      I am considering some of the advantages of buying design kit for Oxygen like oxyninja.

      What are your thoughts, should I be using such things on the site or should I be building such things from scratch?

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      Hi David,

      I think OxyNinja is a great kit because it has a lot of options that really speed up development. For me, I often do a lot of works for clients that don't require super unique designs so instead of me spending a bunch of time to create a custom design that isn't really needed, I will just use OxyNinja or another design set item and adjust it a bit to make it fit my use case.

      Because their product has been very well received by the community, it seems like a solid purchase to me, but realistically it's totally up to what you need for your work and/or clients.

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      Devesh Uba

      Thanks Jonathan, would love to see a video or two on OxyNinja. Keen to see how a power-user like you uses it! Is that something in the pipeline?

      P.S.: Already seen the YouTube video btw.

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      Kohei Yamaguchi


      I also want to see OxyNinja Video. Please consider it.

      <iframe style="display: none;"></iframe>

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      Caleb MacDonald

      I third that...

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      Hi everyone! I made a new video available here:

      Let me know what you think

Viewing 5 reply threads
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