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      Niels Tieman

      So, I need help /suggestions with the first Oxygen site I'm about to build.

      I got a couple of Custom Post Types which provide different kinds of information. The type of training, the type of available cars, location and so forth. They all come together in the agenda- CPT, bundled together with the 'relationship option within ACF.

      So far, so good. The information is (will be) visible for the particular event. If the customer is interested they can sign up and there is where I need suggestions/help.

      I need to have the following options:

      1) The event is a combined effort from multiple CPT's.
      2) A signup form which combines everything and shows the price.
      3) A "upsell option" before step 4.
      4) When everything is ready, the consumer pays the amount. (The client currently uses Mollie and wants to continue that partnership.)
      5) If possible the signup visible in the back-end of WordPress with all the details.

      Is there a plugin that can provide this for my client? I have searched and searched but can't seem to find the proper solution.
      Does anybody have a good suggestion because it's the only part of the website that prevents me from building it!

      Thank you.

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      Ok, so it seems like you have a lot at play here.

      One thing you could consider using is ACF Extended and using their forms feature to effectively load any piece of data on a given post automatically into that form. In an example video I did for editing a user's submitted post, when that user visits a post, the form has all it's data already pre-loaded. It's effectively the same principle I think.

      What is Mollie doing? Is that the payment processor? Does that offer an upsell function?

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      Niels Tieman

      Hey Jonathan,


      The Upsell is just a option the client likes. So basically it's : Information page > User Registration for Event > "Upsell option" > Payment.  And Mollie is a payment processor indeed. (

      I will take a look at ACF Extended and the possibilities for my client.

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      Gotcha! So I'm assuming most of the larger form plugins would work with Mollie, but if you go the route of ACF Extended that would be a different user flow.

      I think you can set an ACF Extended form to re-direct on submit, which could be to your upsell page, then finally the checkout page.

      What I don't know is how you can connect to Mollie for the actual payment handling. That might need to be custom coded based on what you're looking for, but it's hard to say exactly.

      Will the upsells just be check-boxes for someone to additional items?

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