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      hi guys, seems like many plugins popping up recently.

      any suggestion or recommendations which one to acquire  ?


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      Hi there,

      I personally just bought OxyNinja's Core design set and love it. That one has been great.

      Another one I use every so often is OxyPowerPack for the tooltip menus. I made a video on that:

      I bought OxyToolbox as well, but don't use it really. I kinda like the vanilla experience of Oxygen, personally.

      Hopefully others will chime in too 🙂

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      So far i bought oxyultimate and oxyninja too !

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      I've bought the OxyNinja Core design set.  Thanks for the recommendation.  I'm looking forward to their WooCommerce pack.

      I have OxyPowerPack, which I really haven't used. I found the documentation to be really bad when I got it, and have not done a ton with it since.

      I use OxyToolbox, OxyExtras, and Hydrogen on pretty much every install.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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