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      Angela Downes

      Hi All,

      I am very new to Oxygen. Have been dabbling with websites since 1997 mainly with html and css but also wordpress, as a few people wanted to update the site themselves.

      Sorry to ask these very simple questions, that I could fix with css in an html page, but I am having problems with Oxygen Builder.

      I have watched a number of tutorials and am unable to get the global page width to work. I am able to get the size I want by putting a width on each section.  I have set the page width in the manage settings  - page width and global settings  - breakpoints and then regenerated the css cache.

      I am also having trouble with the "pro menu". It doesn't seem to be responsive.  Not sure what I am doing wrong with the pro menu. Does it need to be put in a section or div? No problems with the "menu" changes to responsive when I go thru the breakpoints.

      When I add a text block Is it wrapped in a p or a div? Does it need to be added into a div or straight into a section?

      While you can add background colors to each section how to you add a global page background color?

      Only partway thru your course. Thank-you. Angela

Viewing 0 reply threads
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