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      Charlie Barks

      there is one thing that I am not quite sure about with Oxygen templates. Let's say I have the Default Atomic template installed and now I want to test another template.

      1. Do I delete all of the templates and pages manually? Use WPreset? what is best practice.

      2. I suppose that installing two templates at a time is just too confusing from what I have seen. Would be nice if Oxygen had folders and you can add templates and not all of the Pages.

      3. I have moved a few sites recently to Cloudways using their Migration plugin and each time I moved a Oxygen site there was always issues with missing elements or sections. What is the best way to move and export an Oxygen site?

      4. And if there is an issue after migrating is there an easy fix?


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      Hey Charlie, I will try to answer each question as thoroughly as I can:

      1. You can easily clone templates by copying shortcodes. When viewing a template in the back end, click the "+ shortcodes" button, copy those to your new template in that same +shortcodes area, save, and publish and that gives you an exact replica without affecting a live site.

        If you want a completely new install to play with that you don't necessarily need to own or keep up long term, I often use the Oxygen Builder test page:

        Otherwise, you would have to use a reset plugin or do a new WP install if you want it totally clean.

      2. You can set template priorities in the back-end. If two templates are set to apply to Pages, whatever template that has the highest priority will be used to render the content first. You can also set "nested" templates such as "Header/Footer" as your primary template and then a new template called "Content" inherits the header and footer.

        For larger sites, this is almost essential to give you flexibility on layouts and content, while not having to have multiple copies of your headers/footers/etc.

      3. Typically the only issues I have are related to needing to re-sign shortcodes and regenerate the Oxygen CSS cache.

        Also, if you disable Varnish cache in Cloudways app settings while building the site, that also solves a lot of discrepancies between front-end and back-end.

      4. Easy fixes are definitely re-sign shortcodes, regenerate cache, turn off varnish, and then try to go into a template and re-save. If that still doesn't work, it might be a failed migration. It might be worth trying to use All in One WP Migration if you're still having trouble:

      Hope that helps!

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      Charlie Barks


      Thanks... one of the sites I was having an issue with was one that I cloned in Cloudways and the strange thing was I was using some "reuseable parts" and they were all in the trash on the clone. Wasn't expecting that... and even though I copied the Shortcode (which is what I have been doing) it did not change anything because the reuseable part was. in the trash.

      Thanks for that Try page link, hadn't seen that. I have been using the Templates Library page and the View Demo but I was wanting to test editing them on my WP install... but now I know that is just more of a pain to reset and start over. And really I am finding that I am good just using the Atomic template and editing it for my purposes.

      Good tip on varnish cache and resigning the shortcodes.. I wasn't aware of that option for resigning the shortcodes but I was about the CSS regenerate.

      I used my favorite migration plugin Duplicator and I think, if I remember correctly that one site moved was okay and I think I had issues with another. I will try that plugin you recommended next time also. But let's say that I do migrate and have an issue, will using the Oxygen Export/Import fix the issues on the existing site or should that only be used on a fresh template install?


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      I'm not sure about the export/import function of Oxygen. If I had an issue, I would more than likely copy the shortcodes directly from template to template or page to page, then resign shortcodes, then get into oxygen builder on that page and try to see what the problem is.

      Almost always, I find the problems to be down to caching or shortcode issues.

      Hopefully that helps!

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