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      Bengt Rasmusson

      I have a LTD for both ACF Pro and Meta Box (MB). Which if these two do you recommend me to use with a current Oxygen project? I have used ACF before, but MB looks very interesting. But right now MB doesn't have full integration with Oxygen. And now it seems as if the new owner of ACF will honor all LTDs.  What are the pros and cons?

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      I'll be honest, the only one of the custom fields plugins out there that I have experience with at this time is ACF. It's really well liked, has extensive documentation, and tons of developers are familiar with it.

      In our case as it relates to Oxygen Builder, ACF is the only one with a direct integration, as you mentioned.
      That's what seals the deal for me to stay with ACF at this time.

      Plus, adding in ACF Extended (free) gives you incredible power with the things you can build.

      I hope others will chime in that have MetaBox, Pods, etc experience

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      Bengt Rasmusson

      Thanks! It will always be possible to migrate to MB if needed in the future. If you mostly have simple fields, it is rather easy. And MB is working on both a migrate tool and a full integration with Oxygen.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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