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      Charlie Barks

      When I install an Oxygen Template such as the Atomic Theme it always adds a separate template for "inner content". But there is no padding or margins or any other settings on this template that I can find. Why do they add this inner content template, do you know the purpose of it?

      Also on inner content sections how and where do you set the padding and margins?

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      Hi there,

      The separate templates just gives you increased flexibility with your layouts. I typically don't do that though, I add the inner content into each template as it's a bit easier for me to manage that way. As always, there's more than 1 way to achieve the same result in Oxygen and one isn't always better than the other.

      For padding and margins, you could wrap it with a Div if need be. Then apply the padding/margin to that. I normally leave the Inner Content full width and then use my divs or sections to create the spacing and alignment in the actual template or page itself.

      Hope that helps!

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