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Home Forums Woocommerce Adding Tracking to Endpoint PAges in WooCommerce?

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      Hello all,

      My name is Brad and I am new to building websites and working with WordPress and Oxygen, I have been working on learning the great tools and I and loving the product and the community around Oxygen.
      I am wondering if anyone can help me add tracking to WooCommerce Endpoints pages. Maybe a plugin that installs that tracking just on the endpoint page after the customer buys a product.

      Any help or direction would be helpful, TY

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      I have found this area in WooCommerce: I am wondering if I add the tracking codes to this PHP file would it work?

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      Soph Simmonds

      Hi Brad,

      What kind of tracking are you wanting to add? Are you meaning something like Google Analytics, or something else?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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