Personalized, one-on-one Oxygen Consulting

Looking for help with your Oxygen project? 
I will work with you in a live session to decide whether Oxygen is right for your project, help fix issues in Oxygen, or walk you through whatever it is you're trying to achieve. 

Before you book

Read carefully all the info below before you book.

Provide a comprehensive description of what you're looking to achieve out of this session. I'll be glad to help you through almost any Oxygen task or issue. 

Either type out a detailed description or use something like Loom to record a short video of what you're looking for help with.


While I can help with most things, I won't be able to help in every situation and I'll let you know ahead of time if I have any reservations.

In terms of custom code, I'm happy to help you with basic PHP and CSS, but anything more than that will incur a separate fee and will be done in a separate session. 

Achieving some functionality in Oxygen requires paid 3rd party plugins like FacetWP and Advanced Custom Fields Pro. These two are nearly essential for any Oxygen website, so I recommend having these ahead of time. I'll let you know if I recommend any other plugins ahead of time.
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