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Learn Gutenberg + GeneratePress & Generate Blocks from the ground up.
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Everything here on Permaslug is designed to help you level up your WordPress skillset and expand your digital toolkit.


Video and written tutorials on topics related to WordPress page builders, plugins, and the goings on in our community.


Learn specific topics more deeply with structured content designed to help you become proficient in less time.

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who is permaslug?

Jonathan Jernigan

I am the owner and Founder at APEX Web Solutions and Permaslug, where I’ve been building websites professionally since 2014. Under the Permaslug brand, I’ve became known for releasing high-quality, easy to follow tutorials with pertinent information. My Oxygen Builder course was the first available, longest running, and most successful with numerous 5-star reviews.

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Generate Made Easy

If you want to go from total beginner to experienced user building your site in GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to harness the power of the Generate products to build extremely capable, lightning fast, and easy to use websites.

The full course will be offered with one-time and split payment options.

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